Juve’s Transfer Strategy for Thiago Motta Revealed

Juventus Football Club is reportedly on the move to lure Thiago Motta to their ranks in a tightly focused transfer strategy. The former footballer turned skilled coach being identified as the perfect addition to their managerial team.

On the other hand, in terms of player transfers, Juventus has set sights on Riccardo Calafiori. Head of football operations, Giuntoli, recognised the young player as an optimal fit to round out the squad.

“The Club has identified Motta and Calafiori as fundamental parts for the structure they are envisioning. The strategy being put into place is tightly focused, ” a source within Juventus shared. The direct quotes come as no surprise as there have been whispers about the club’s developing interest in the pair. More updates will trickle in as the strategies unfold.

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