Juve’s Szczesny on Scudetto: Inter is strong, but we’re in the game

Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny recently expressed his thoughts at a Sky Sport interview, following his triumphant game against Roma.

Commenting on the victory, Szczesny was quoted as saying, “It was an opportunity, it’s been a while since we played after Inter, we always played first. We scored two points, an opportunity that we seized with a brilliant, albeit not shining, game. A nice victory, we are now just two points behind. We played a great game in defence today, there was good order within the area, on all the set pieces.”

He further reflected on the game’s critical moments, mentioning, “The only blip was in the first few minutes. The post by Cristante, if I’m not mistaken, we were very good after that.”

Asserting his high aspirations for the future, Szczesny asserted, “Talking about the Scudetto is not off limits, we are always just two points behind. I am not playing for the fourth or third place, we are Juventus. If we want to compete at these levels, we aim for the highest goals.”

He ended by expressing respect and competition with his rivals, stating, “Inter are strong, but we are also up to the challenge.” It was clear from the interview that the goalkeeper’s focus is not just on their recent victory, but on securing their trajectory for continued success.

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