Juve’s Rabiot: We continue to believe in Scudetto victory

Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot has spoken out following the team’s victory over Roma. The remarks were made to DAZN in the wake of this important triumph.

Reflecting on the victory, Rabiot said: “It was important for us. We saw Inter’s match and knew we could close in. We persist in this manner, committing to win and play with this spirit.”

Rabiot also commented on the Scudetto chase, hinting at the growing belief within the Juventus camp. “Indeed, we believe in it more and more tonight and for the coming months. It’s a target for me and for the team. Yet, the path ahead is long.”

The midfielder, who scored his first goal of the season during the Roma clash, expressed his satisfaction: “I hadn’t scored yet this season. I am pleased to find the goal at home and to assist the team. I am working hard in the offensive phase. I am happy to score goals and provide assistance.”

He lauded the unwavering support of Juventus fans, which Rabiot stated is a great source of motivation for the team. “They are extraordinary. They always stand with us. They believe in us, we owe it to them to do our part.”

Addressing the matter of his contract renewal, Rabiot shared: “I still have to think about it, talk with the club. I’ve already mentioned that I feel at home here, but we’ll discuss it further in the future. We’re calm, we’re at peace. I want to enjoy all the matches until the end of the season.”

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