Juve’s McKennie: Love the Word Scudetto

Following Juventus’s victory over Napoli, midfielder Weston McKennie has spoken out about his role within the team and his growth as a player. Speaking to DAZN, the American international underscored his commitment to the Italian club.

McKennie stated, “This role is not new to me, I did it at Schalke. I put the team first, it doesn’t matter where I play.” While admitting to having a preferred position, he affirmed his readiness to adapt for the side’s benefit.

In terms of his development as a player, the 22-year-old explained how moving to Italy has honed his tactical sense. He emphasised, “I’ve learnt a lot tactically. In Germany, you run back and forth, but here I’ve learnt not to run aimlessly, like a headless chicken in the middle of the pitch.”

McKennie also highlighted the importance of a strong team spirit on and off the field, suggesting that this unity impacts performance against the opposition. “We want to create a strong spirit on and off the field. If I understand how Cambiaso and Gatti are, I know what they need on the pitch,” he added.

Closing on a hopeful note about Juventus’s current season, he said, “I like the word ‘Scudetto’, it sounds good. We hope to make it ours by the end of the season, even if a top-four finish is the objective. We want to win for ourselves, for the whole staff and for all the fans,” commented McKennie. His words reflect the team’s aspiration to secure a high finish in the league, despite the challenging season.

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