Juve’s Kean: Allegri is like a father to me, I care for him deeply

Juventus forward, Moise Kean has opened up about his personal relationship with Massimiliano Allegri, in a special feature on Dazn.

Speaking on his relationship with Allegri, the Juventus star referred to him as a ‘sporting father’. Even though they sometimes have disputes, he holds deep affection for him. He jokingly mentioned that he doesn’t express his affection for Allegri outright, but he is certain Allegri is aware of it.

Kean spoke highly about his teammate, Miretti, whom he first encountered during a penalty kick in a game with 2003 Juventus youth players. He was immediately impressed by Miretti’s strength.

The rising talent also spoke of Fagioli, another player whose strength and skill are widely acclaimed. Kean believes he has proved his worth and will continue to do so.

His relationship with fellow player Hans Nicolussi Caviglia was also spotlighted. According to Kean, Nicolussi Caviglia is the one who best understands him. He is always there to guide him, stopping him from making mistakes. In a light-hearted revelation, Kean mentioned that Nicolussi Caviglia has a fondness for all kinds of music, even listening to Mozart at times, despite his reputation of having the worst taste in music in the changing room.

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