Juve’s Giuntoli: Seeing the boys again a thrilling experience

In the lead up to the much-anticipated football match between Juventus and Napoli, Juventus’ sporting director, Cristiano Giuntoli, spoke openly about his anticipations and expectations. The remarks were made during an interview with DAZN before the game kicked off.

The match evidently stirred a lot of emotions in Giuntoli, as he revealed, “It’s a great emotion, I see so many boys who shared eight years of my life with me, and it’s a pleasure.” The Juventus director took time to express his joy at reuniting with several old acquaintances.

When asked about the ongoing Paul Pogba situation, Giuntoli conveyed a cautious stance. He asserted, “We are waiting for the final judgment before we express our views. We want to discuss it with his entourage.” His statement implies a keen interest in maintaining an open dialogue on the issue, whilst also affirming that the final judgment is anxiously awaited.

In reference to Italian players, Marko Kvaratskhelia and Victor Osimhen, Giuntoli appeared delighted to see them again. The director indirectly emphasized his commitment to Juventus whilst expressing his pleasure in reconnecting with the players, saying, “It was nice to see them again, we greeted each other. A simple greeting, that’s life and I am happy to be at Juventus. The present and the future are called Juventus.”

Regarding the different pressures of working with Juventus compared to Napoli, Giuntoli acknowledged being under much higher media pressure, given that Juventus is a globally popular club. He stated, “Juventus is a club that is widely followed in the world, there is more media pressure. But we professionals think about the present, we interact in the best way and that’s what we do.” His words underline the professional mindset that he and his colleagues adhere to, despite the intense public scrutiny.

This conversation stands as an intriguing look into the world of Juventus through the eyes of its Sporting Director, Cristiano Giuntoli, providing fans with behind-the-scenes insights into the workings of the popular football club.

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