Juve’s Evra says Inter fear the Bianconeri, comments on Allegri criticism

Former Juventus left-back, Patrice Evra, in an interview with Italian newspaper Tuttosport, has spoken about the current situation at the Bianconeri club.

Critiques about Juventus’ style of play have been making the rounds amongst fans, with many directing their complaints towards the team’s coach, Allegri. In response to this, the Frenchman re-emphasised one of the key concepts learned from Allegri himself.

“These criticisms are aimed at Allegri, but let me tell you what Max once taught me: for entertainment and amusement, you can go to the circus, for three points, you just need to support Juve until the end,” said Evra. “The league table is filled not with magic tricks but with points in the bag.”

In his comments, he also pointed out an additional aspect often overlooked by most. Evra mentioned that “Inter Milan fears Juve, they know it is a strong team, thirsty for revenge and victories.”

The full interview can be found on Tuttosport’s official website.

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