Juve’s Danilo: Winning the Scudetto a Dream, But We Have a Different Goal

Following Juventus’ victory over Napoli, team captain and defender Danilo shared his thoughts with DAZN, lauding the triumph as pivotal in boosting the team’s morale.

“The same three points at the end but they give a moral boost to continue on our path. We are not even halfway, but this win is important,” Danilo described the victory’s significance.

He also singled out a particular goal scorer, without naming him, for his resilience and hard work. “He is an example to all of us, a humble lad who works a lot. He had difficult times but he is strong, resilient and he personifies Juventus’ resolve till the end,” Danilo shared about the unnamed goal scorer.

Excitement was palpable in his tone when expressing his game-day fervour. “Extremely happy, I missed this feeling, at home and among our people. From tomorrow, we look towards the next week, there is still much to go,” said Danilo.

When questioned about what sets Juventus apart, the captain credited the team’s learning from past experiences and tireless work ethics shaped by the coach. “What happened in the past served as a lesson to us. It’s part of a growth journey. We work a lot during the week; the coach never lets us relax and this credit goes to them,” he stated.

While speaking about the coveted Scudetto, Danilo alluded to Juventus’ dream, but remained pragmatic with their current short-term goal. “We have a dream, but our first goal is to reach the top four first to ease things off. Step by step, game by game and we will see where we get,” he explained. His words keep expectations in check while inspiring hope for the fans eagerly awaiting Juventus’ future games.

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