Juve’s Barzagli suggests Del Piero can only return after a process

Andrea Barzagli, a former Juventus player, broached the topic of a possible return for Alessandro Del Piero to the renowned football club while speaking to Radio Serie A.

Barzagli suggested that Del Piero’s return to Juventus would be a welcome change. He was quoted saying on Radio Serie A, “I have always believed that it is always good to have players who have been icons within the club.” At the same time, Barzagli highlighted the need for a certain process to be followed, adding, “It is not all taken for granted. Everyone wants Del Piero in the club: it’s normal, but if he undergoes his growth process.”

He further praised Del Piero’s influence, noting his impact even outside Italy: “He is a symbol of the club when I go abroad.”

Addressing the issue of Kaan Yıldız, a young talented player, Barzagli called for prudence with comparisons. He acknowledged the promising player’s talent and further said that Allegri, his coach, is proficient at managing young players, capable of relieving them of pressure. He recalled how successfully Allegri handled Paulo Dybala’s pressure when he first joined Juventus for 30 million euros from Palermo and was initially restrained from playing due to immense pressure.

Barzagli also spoke about his own experiences with professional choices and their implications, sharing some personal doubts he faced. He expressed some disappointment with previous decisions, illustrating how those choices ultimately left him without a specific role by last July.

“While everyone else pursued their ambitions, the one who behaves well ends up losing more,” Barzagli said. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about the future, stating his plans for the new year, which include training and running along the Arno.

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