Juventus reportedly offers player to De Rossi’s Roma: latest update

According to recent reports from Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus have offered midfielder Arthur to Roma.

In the past few days, the Turin-based club made a move to engage with Roma regarding the potential transfer.

However, Roma, currently managed by Daniele De Rossi, have declined the offer.

Juventus were attempting to offload Arthur and explore his potential fit within the squad from the Italian capital.

A source close to the negotiations remarked, “Juventus were keen to explore opportunities with Roma, but the proposal was ultimately turned down.”

The situation remains fluid, and it’s uncertain whether Juventus will continue to seek suitors for the Brazilian player or retain him for the upcoming season.

Arthur, who has faced struggles with form and injuries, was looking for a fresh start, but it seems it won’t be with Roma.

Further details on other potential destinations for Arthur are still forthcoming, as Juventus aim to restructure their squad.

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