Juventus Attempts Vlahovic Renewal But Faces High Demands

Contract renewal talks between Juventus and star striker Dusan Vlahovic are reported to be proceeding at a sluggish pace, despite both parties expressing a will to reach an agreement. Issues over economic differences remain the stumbling block that has led to a so-called “grey smoke” outcome in their latest conversation with nothing concrete signed.

The principal issue arises from the contract Vlahovic signed at the point of his transfer in January 2022, which includes a salary escalation up to a net €12m per season. This considerable sum would require The Old Lady to pay a gross sum of over €45m to the player for the next two seasons. A financial concern that is viewed as too much for any Italian club. The current planning sees this earning as equivalent to the English Premier League salaries and unsustainable in Italy’s Serie A.

According to ‘Tuttosport’, Juventus has suggested spreading the salary over a three-year period, an attempt that has failed. Vlahovic is open to renewing his contract up to 2028 if his earnings are set at €10m a season, which remains a costly commitment for Juventus.

The Italian newspaper conveys the desperation from both sides; Vlahovic is eager to stay while Juventus is struggling to make it economically feasible. The impasse in contract negotiations continues to ignite the transfer rumours with the hopes of finding a solution soon.

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