Juventus, Allegri: We played well, only Napoli has won here before

Ahead of their match against Frosinone, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke to DAZN.

Allegri was pleased with his team’s performance. He stated: “We played a good game, only Napoli has won here before. These are times when everything seems to be working well in the team, it wasn’t easy. Impressive first half, creating a lot. If you create that many chances and the first half ends 1-0, it’s inevitable to slow down in the second half. On the goal conceded, we could have done better.”

However, he praised his team for their reaction and mentioned their equal opportunities against their opponents. He also emphasized that they need to continue working. “I’m happy for Yildiz and Dusan, but also for the whole team. We have an extraordinary group, one that never steps back and always remains clear-headed and cohesive,” the Juventus coach informed DAZN.

Speaking about youngster Yildiz, Allegri shared: “He’s young, he has the enthusiasm needed in these moments. Iling did well, so did Weah, and Nicolussi in the midfield.” Allegri stressed that they should continue working on their limitations, highlighting the importance of development and growth within the team.

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