Juve vs Napoli Ratings: Gatti Hits his Stride, Kvaratskhelia Caged in Voting

The match between Juventus and Napoli, a crucial fixture of the 15th round of the Serie A 2023-2024 season, saw notable performances from players on both sides.

Juventus had an impressive line-up, with Szczesny earning a 6.5 rating for his performance. Gatti stood out with a 7.5, followed by Bremer and Danilo both performing solidly, earning a 6 and 7 respectively. Cambiaso also scored well with a 7, however, he was replaced in the 92nd minute by Rugani, whose performance could not be gauged. Similarly, McKennie was replaced at the same time by Iling-Junior, also not assessed. Locatelli, Rabiot, and Chiesa all performed decently with a 6.5 rating, while Kostic was replaced by Alex Sandro in the 82nd minute with a score of 6. Vlahovic played until the 70th minute but had the lowest rating on the team at 5, with his replacement Milik scoring slightly better at 5.5. Overall, Coach Allegri scored a 7 for his management of the team.

On the Napoli side, Meret secured a 6, while Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Juan Jesus, Natan, Anguissa, and Lobotka all came in earning a 5-6. Natan was replaced by Zanoli in the 72nd minute and scored a 5.5. Likewise, Lobotka made way for Cajuste in the 86th minute with neither being rated. Zielinski was replaced by Elmas in the 64th minute, and the latter earned a slightly higher rating than his predecessor with a 5.5. Politano was replaced by Raspadori at the 72nd minute, both earning a 6. Kvaratskhelia had the same score of 5 as Osimhen and was replaced by Simeone in the 86th minute. The overall performance of the team was reflected in Coach Mazzarri’s score of 5.

These scores reflect the outcome of the match and the strategic decision-making of both teams during the course of this significant Serie A confrontation.

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