Samardzic-Miretti Swap Deal Proposed

In recent transfer rumours, Tuttosport reports a proposed swap between Serie A clubs Juventus and Udinese: Lazar Samardzic is set to go to Juventus, while Fabio Miretti is headed towards Udinese.

Juventus reportedly have their sights set on Serbian player Lazar Samardzic after his commendable performance at the Stadium on Monday. The 19-year-old offensive midfielder, who currently plays for Udinese, has reportedly assured everyone of his worth. It now lies on Fabio Paratici, the football director of Juventus, to devise the best strategy to secure Samardzic for the ‘Old Lady’.

Meanwhile, Juventus is considering using Fabio Miretti as a bargaining chip in the potential swap deal. This move would serve to lower Udinese’s asking price of 25 million euros for Samardzic. Miretti, a promising young Italian talent, isn’t an indispensable part of the Juventus squad currently. A change of environment, to Udinese, could potentially help him rediscover his best form.

The transfer market is buzzing, and all eyes are on these developments between Juventus and Udinese as potential deals unfold close to the end of the season.

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