Juve Transfer Market, Giuntoli: Satisfied with current Samardzic Situation

Juventus Football Director Cristiano Giuntoli has given an interview with Mediaset ahead of the game against Frosinone, shedding light on the market.

Giuntoli, expressed satisfaction with the current Juventus squad, indicating a lack of urgency in bringing in new players. Speaking with Mediaset, the remarks came ahead of the whistle signalling the beginning of the Juve Frosinone match.

“In this moment, we are pleased with the team we have. We are doing extraordinary things and do not have particular needs,” Giuntoli stated. However, he didn’t discard potential opportunities that may emerge from an economic or technical standpoint, suggesting that Juventus is keeping its options open, “We are looking around for opportunities from an economic and technical point, but evidently there haven’t been any yet.”

The Juventus official further underlined the team’s ambition to return to the Champions League, viewing it as a step forward in terms of both economic and technical aspects. With his words, Giuntoli highlighted the overall objectives and vision of the club, aligning them with league success.

“For us, the goal is to return to the Champions League. It would be a step forward from an economic and technical point,” said Giuntoli. Read more on JUVENTUSNEWS24.

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