Juve Seals Scudetto with Sudakov: The Situation Unfolds

Juventus is reported to be eyeing a significant signing in the winter transfer window to round off Head Coach Massimiliano Allegri’s squad.

The intended key included in their winter plans is Sudakov, according to reports by Italian sports daily, Tuttosport.

Iling’s potential offloading could reportedly free up crucial resources for the club, enabling a direct attack on securing Sudakov. The midfielder, who is known for his well-rounded skill-set and goal-scoring capacity has been quite a revelation at Shakhtar Donetsk.

The asking price for Sudakov is believed to start at €35 million (£29.8m), however, as with any negotiation, surprises are always likely.

Additionally, the Turin-based side’s intended targets are not only limited to Sudakov. Spurs player, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg is another name still making rounds on the potential purchases list. The Tottenham-based club has been reported to ask for €30m (£25.5m), but with less stringent payment terms. The club has yet to issue any official comments on the potential transfers.

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