Juve pays tribute to Chiellini in chilling message

Juventus football club has released a statement on their official website, paying tribute to their former defender and captain, Giorgio Chiellini, following his decision to retire from professional football.

The statement reads: “For the Pythagorean school, born in Magna Graecia over two millennia ago, the number 3 represented perfection – the union between even and odd, the triangle that forms the basis of every geometric figure. For the Bianconeri fans, for 17 seasons, number 3 has been synonymous only with Chiellini.” That signifies his significant impact on the club during his time.

In the tribute, Juventus drew parallels to the number three, symbolising key aspects of Chiellini’s career. Explaining this, the club mentioned: “Three, as the defensive line-up that has led you more than any other to excel, to become one of the best ever in the role. Three, as the position in the ranking for total appearances in Juventus’ history: 561 games, just behind Alex and Gigi.”

The statement also honoured his achievement scoring three goals in the Champion’s League and his three goals scored in Serie B in the 2006-07 season, which the club described as making him as one of their own.

The club expressed their trust and confidence in Chiellini, describing him as a “superhero, ready to step in when needed”. The Turin-based club fondly remembered his trademark headband, noting its almost talismanic properties in securing victories for the team, from Rimini’s “Romeo Neri” to Madrid’s “Santiago BernabĂ©u”.

As Chiellini ended his 23-year-long career in Major League Soccer (MLS), the club acknowledged that he gave the league a taste of his capabilities. Juventus ended their statement by emphasizing their affection for the Livorno-born player, “With him at our side, no one ever scared us. Happy life, captain!”

It is clear from their tribute that Chiellini’s departure has made an impact on the club and he will be remembered fondly by the fans and the club alike. The legacy left behind by the sturdy defender will serve as an archetype for future players in Juventus and indeed in the world of football.

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