Juve, Manna: A new midfielder is not necessary

The executive of Juventus, Giovanni Manna, recently addressed the team’s objectives for the January transfer market. He made these remarks on the sidelines of the USSI Piemonte award ceremony where he was honored as executive of the year.

Concerning the transfer market, Manna voiced his satisfaction with the current squad. “We are pleased with the footballers we have on the team, how they perform, and how their skills have been enhanced by the coach. We are always ready to evaluate opportunities in the market, and without making drastic changes, we will be prepared,” he stated.

Despite having a squad that was initially stretched thin with two additional players, the team has successfully managed to make up for these absentees. Manna credited this readiness to the effective coaching and the preparedness of the footballers.

While he did not reveal specific moves that the team would be making, he indicated that the team is not desperately seeking one footballer to solve their problems. “We will try to seize the opportunity if it arises, but it’s not necessary,” Manna concluded. His remarks suggest that the club is content with its roster and is diligent in searching for new players to join the team.

His comments came first in an interview published by Juventus News 24.

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