Juve, Kovacevic on Vlahovic: Stay calm and confident, he is strong

Despite Juventus topping the league table, concerns over the team’s difficulty in scoring, particularly Dusan Vlahovic’s drought in front of goal, are apparent to anyone who’s watching. Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ addressed the issue in a recent interview with Darko Kovacevic, a fellow Serbian and former Juventus player.

Kovacevic said that Vlahovic has struggled with physical issues. However, in the recent game against Inter, Vlahovic performed well, scoring an excellent goal. Kovacevic believes that the key for Vlahovic is confidence and he should avoid negativity, particularly when things aren’t going well. He also mentioned the support from the coach and rest of the team as critical factors in boosting Dusan’s morale.

Kovacevic acknowledged that there will always be games when forwards, himself included, might touch the ball less due to various in-game situations. During such times, he suggests, it is important to keep emotions in check and to remember legendary players like Filippo Inzaghi who were known to score out of nowhere.

Kovacevic noted that Vlahovic appears more confident and relaxed when playing for Serbia, likely owing to less psychological pressure than he experiences at Juventus. Plus, the presence of fellow forward Mitrovic allows Vlahovic more mobility on the pitch.

When asked about Vlahovic’s partnership with Chiesa at Juventus, Kovacevic was optimistic. He said that Chiesa is a high-quality teammate with a lot of potential: his ability to shoot from range, move the ball wide or play as a secondary striker is reminiscent of Kovacevic’s former teammate at Real Sociedad, Nihat Kahveci. Kovacevic also believes that Vlahovic’s potential partnerships aren’t limited to Chiesa; there’s also scope for him to play with another associative attacker, like Milik, without any issues.

To conclude, Kovacevic gave some advice for Vlahovic— he urged him to maintain self-belief and serenity, adding that given time and confidence, Vlahovic’s skills should naturally shine through.

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