Juve, Allegri: “We don’t think about Inter or throw everything away”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri spoke at a press conference ahead of the Juve-Cagliari match. “Tomorrow Gatti will start, we cannot make calculations. Tomorrow is the most important match. Cagliari is very dangerous, Ranieri on the bench does not give you advantages. They have players up front who have speed and technique, Petagna and Pavoletti provide physicality. Tomorrow will be difficult, we will need to have a lot of patience. We will need to play a technical game and above all not lose the most important thing which is team cohesion. The mistake is just around the corner. Tomorrow we must not overdo it, but do what is normal. When the match ends, we need to bring home the three points,” said Allegri.

According to Allegri, tomorrow’s match will be a tough one, with the need for patience and technical skill. He also emphasized the importance of team cohesion and not making mistakes. The coach underlined the need to secure the three points at the end of the match.

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