Jugovic: Allegri’s winning mindset is crucial for Juventus

Vladimir Jugovic, a former midfielder, has shared his insights about Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, and the objective of winning the Serie A title. In an interview published in La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 54-year-old, who made a significant part of his career in Italy and particularly with Juventus, offered his predictions for the season.

“I’ve never been good at making predictions, but given the first half of the season, I expect Inter and Juve to be competing for the title right up until the last matches,” Jugovic told La Gazzetta dello Sport. He went on to discount the possibility of either team dominating the season, as Napoli did in the previous one.

In regard to Allegri’s role at Juventus, Jugovic had high praise for the seasoned coach, stating his winning mentality will be crucial. “Allegri is a coach who always aims to win. He might not have an entertaining style of play like [Jurgen] Klopp or [Pep] Guardiola, but his results speak for themselves. He’s a winner and his experience will be a valuable asset in the pursuit of Inter,” Jugovic was quoted as saying.

Jugovic continued by stating that Allegri’s quiet confidence is part of his charm. “Every coach has their own strategy, even in terms of communication”, he stated. “Allegri knows how to achieve results. At Juventus, you stay for many years only if you win. And Max is in his eighth season on the Juventus bench.”

Jugovic also offered an interesting take on Vukan Adzic, the midfielder who combines physicality with technical skill. “If I must be honest, he reminds me of another ex-Juventus player: Andy Moeller. I told Adzic’s agent last month that I thought he’d eventually end up at another club. I’m happy to have been wrong, for Adzic as well as for Juventus”, he said.

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