Joaquin reflects on Fiorentina experience: always a special place in my heart

Joaquin, the former winger for Fiorentina, has revisited his time with the Italian club while talking to DAZN.

In his chat, Joaquin shed fascinating light on how his experience transformed from his first to second year at Fiorentina.

During his first year, Joaquin confessed he lived in Fiesole, in the hills, and did not have much experience of the city life. In the second year, he moved into an apartment formerly occupied by his teammate Ambrosini.

Telling DAZN about the apartment switch, Joaquin revealed, “I told [Ambrosini] I wanted to stay in the city center and he told me he was just about to leave that house.” Joaquin’s relocation to an apartment near Ponte Vecchio saw a significant change in his lifestyle away from the field.

“This changed my life. I started to go out for dinner with friends and my wife,” he said.

Reflecting on his time in Florence, Joaquin affirmed the city holds a special place in his heart. The beautiful memories he forged during his tenure with Fiorentina have left a lasting impression on the former Spanish player.

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