Ivan Zazzaroni: Allegri is the Short Wall

Ivan Zazzaroni, editor of ‘Corriere dello Sport’, has coined a new phrase to describe Juventus’ approach to football, moving from ‘short snout’ to ‘short wall’.

This comes in the wake of a string of narrow victories by Juventus. Ivan Zazzaroni reflected on the trend, stating: “I continue to think the best of Allegri: at Juve, winning is the only thing that counts. There are times and games where winning 1-0 matters even more.”

He seems to be re-imagining the team’s defensive style, previously likened to a ‘short snout’, as a ‘short wall’ following their consistent success in securing minimal point victories.

Zazzaroni’s comments attracted attention and have stirred up discussion around Juventus’ performance and strategy under the leadership of their manager, Allegri.

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