Inzaghi: Sabatini will give Salernitana an extra boost

Filippo Inzaghi, the coach of Salernitana, has addressed a key pre-match press conference ahead of their impending clash with Verona.

Speaking ahead of the Verona game, Inzaghi emphasised the importance of the club’s director, highlighting the value and additional perspective offered by his presence. “We are waiting for the director because his presence is really important and it will give us that extra edge that the team needs,” he said.

Inzaghi also emphasised the importance of performance over result. He suggested that every match should be seen as a winnable game and asserted that his team must execute an excellent performance against Verona. It has been verified that the team performs marvelously when the mindset is in line with that belief.

Employing a confident tone about the forthcoming match with Verona, Inzaghi said, “On paper, it is a game within our reach and we must go to Verona to win, trying to replicate what was done well with Milan. We need to go to Verona to play the match and not fall into their play style.”

Despite his firm focus on the crucial match, he admitted some key players’ availability was uncertain due to various factors. He informed that amidst all players’ recovery, only Daniliuc is currently under the weather, but they still hope to have him onboard by tomorrow. They are also making last-minute attempts to get Ochoa fit to play, but the chances are slim.

Inzaghi made these statements in his press conference, stressing the importance of the upcoming match with Verona for Salernitana.

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