Inter’s Thuram: We are a great team, like brothers

Inter striker Marcus Thuram has spoken out following Inter’s victory over Lazio at Olimpico.

In the post-match interview with DAZN, Thuram said, “I didn’t hear the chant “The leader is leaving”. I’m not sure if four points over Juve is a big deal, we played a great game. It’s still December, the championship is very long. I try to do my best and help my teammates. If I score, that’s better, but the important thing is the team.”

Thuram discussed the significance of the unity within the Inter team, stating that they love playing and training together, likening their relationship to brotherhood.

He also made mention of his teammate Barella, expressing his appreciation for the player. “Barella is a player I very much like, receiving an assist from him is magnificent,” Thuram made clear.

Future developments within the team, especially their ongoing performance in the championship, will surely make for interesting observations for both fans and critics alike. As the season progresses, the team’s unity and strategy could determine their ultimate standing.

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