Inter’s Thuram: 80 Million Reasons for His Transfer

Inter Milan star Thuram could potentially be the luxury sacrifice as Paris Saint Germain sets its sights on him, following the departure of Mbappé.

According to reports from Tuttosport, it is suggested that Inter executives, Marotta and Ausilio, are not keen to lose their player.

However, with the current shift taking place at Paris Saint Germain, it is speculated that Thuram could be the next target for the French giants.

This news comes amidst the unsettled atmosphere at Inter Milan, with reports suggesting that the club may need to sacrifice some of its key players. Thuram, being one of the standout performers for the club, could well be a significant loss.

There has been no official comment from either the clubs or the player. But with the summer transfer window fast approaching, all eyes will be on these developments.

It will be interesting to see if Paris Saint Germain does indeed proceed with their interests in Thuram and how Inter Milan will handle the potential loss of such a talented player. Stay tuned for more updates on the summer transfer window.

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