Inter’s Martinez agent: He plays for his dream team

The contract renewal of Lautaro Martinez, the captain of Inter, is back in the spotlight. Alejandro Camaño, Martinez’s agent, provided an update on the ongoing negotiation in an interview with Numero Diez.

Camaño was questioned if a meeting with Inter was imminent. He responded, “I can’t release that information, as we are in constant talks with Inter. What I can tell you is that we have a superb relationship with Inter.”

Camaño went on to convey that he’s had a longstanding association with Inter through his representation of Hector Cúper. This history, according to Camaño, has created a fruitful relationship with the administration.

“Lautaro Martinez is extremely happy at Inter. At the moment, we have meetings and discussions about everything; the relationship is very lively,” says Camaño.

The agent refrains from confirming if the talks would conclude soon. However, he reassures that “Lautaro is very happy, and we have to work so that Lautaro’s future is tied to Inter’s. But for now, calm.”

Camaño shares Martinez’s current state of mind and his plans for 2023. “Lautaro is 26 years old and in a moment of immense happiness. He has had his second child. He has a beautiful family. He is playing in the team he cheers for and likes a lot. Today the only thing he thinks about is giving his whole heart to Inter. And I work for this, to put Inter in the best situation. We are having a great time,” he said.

These statements provide an intriguing insight into the ongoing negotiations surrounding Martinez’s contract renewal. With the Argentinean striker seemingly happy at Inter, the club’s management will be keen to wrap up the deal sooner rather than later.

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