Inter’s Inzaghi: 22 games away from second star

Inter Milan’s manager Simone Inzaghi has expressed his satisfaction over the team’s victory against Lazio at Olimpico. In a post-match interview with DAZN, Inzaghi commended the collective effort of his players.

“These are the type of games that make us managers happy because we have all suffered together without giving too much to Lazio. We have all won together on a very difficult field where it will be hard for everyone to win,” said Inzaghi.

Inzaghi also acknowledged the impressive performance of his players including Lautaro and Thuram. The team faced a challenging match with many of the key players unavailable, including De Vrij, Dumfries, Sanchez and Cuadrado. However, the remaining players were able to cover the field proficiently against an accomplished Lazio side. “We have given very little away. Last year, they didn’t finish second for no reason,” he said.

Looking to the future, Inzaghi admitted that the remaining 22 matches and other competitions will pose significant challenges. Nevertheless, he believes the team’s excellent journey so far could continue if they stick together.

“Bisseck has been very good, like all his teammates. It was a major test for him. It’s not easy coming up against Lazio with Zaccagni and Kamada. He is a player who works very hard, I had no doubt. He had personality, never stressing. He played this game as if he had already played it before,” Inzaghi said of the 20-year-old defender, who stepped in amid the absence of the mainstay players.

Inzaghi concluded his interview by stressing on the disparity between Italian and Danish leagues, asserting that Lazio can pose challenges for many teams, including in Europe.

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