Inter’s De Vrij: It will be a good game, we have studied them

Defender Stepan De Vrij has spoken on Inter’s forthcoming match against Juventus, in a pre-game interview with Inter TV. As the Nerazzurri prepare to face-off against the current second-place team, De Vrij claimed, “Today we will play first against second in the ranking, so it will be a good match.”

De Vrij further noted the significance of the upcoming battle between the two teams, known for their strong defences. He was sure to underline, taking pride in the defensive abilities of his own team. Without direct quoting, here, De Vrij mentioned the importance of preparation and studying the opponents, especially with regards to the attacking prowess of Juventus.

This game can be seen as a test for both teams and a challenge that De Vrij and his teammates seem to be ready for. Stepan De Vrij’s interview shed light into the atmosphere within the Inter camp and the measures they are taking ahead of this crucial match.

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