Inter’s Darmian: We will strive to win with the right attitude

As Inter Milan gets ready to face Real Sociedad in the Champions League, the team’s full-back Matteo Darmian has addressed the upcoming challenge in a pre-match press conference.

“We will be facing a strong team tomorrow, but our goal is to top our group,” Darmian stated. He acknowledged the quality of their opponents yet affirmed his team’s intent to seek victory on the pitch. However, the Italian defender acknowledged that it won’t be easy due to the exceptional talent present in the opposition’s ranks. He expressed optimism, insisting that the right attitude would be crucial in aiming for the win.

He further reflected on the lessons learned in the past, nodding to the mistakes made last year, which he claimed have led to significant growth. He assured, “We’ve learned a lot from the errors we made last year. We’re a solid group, and it’s beginning to show. The season is still long, and we must continue on this trajectory.”

Darmian also spoke about the team’s unity and the strong core of Italian players in the squad, suggesting that their comfort together extends to their performances on the pitch. “We have a healthy and capable group with a solid Italian backbone, and our cohesion is evident on the field. We have to keep this up,” he said.

When quizzed about youngster Bisseck, Darmian was full of praise. He noted the player’s vast room for improvement, stating, “He’s young and we tried to make him feel at home. He comes from a different background and culture, and it’s important to make such players feel comfortable. He has been accommodating and eager to improve. He already showed his mettle when called upon.”

When asked about his recent form, Darmian modestly admitted that there is no secret to his success. The acknowledgement and trust from everyone around him encourage him to strive harder. He said, “That alone motivates me to give more every day, aiming to improve myself. When the manager lets me play, I try to do my best and help the team achieve its objectives.” He promises to continue working hard and delivering his best on the pitch.

Every quote included in this piece was directly sourced from the referenced pre-match press conference.

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