Inter’s Cuadrado explains how his nickname was born and admits he often gets angry easily

Inter Milan footballer, Juan Cuadrado, shared numerous anecdotes from his youth and beyond during an interview on Inter TV.

Dubbed “Vespa” during his tenure at Fiorentina, the nickname originated from teammate Luca Toni. “Many times I would cross the ball, but there was no one in the box. And he [Luca Toni] would tell me: ‘How am I supposed to get there? He rides a Vespa, I’m on a camel’,” recalled Cuadrado in his Inter TV feature.

Talking about his traits and shortcomings, he stated that his main flaw is his temper, which can flare up quite easily. “My virtue is my cheerfulness,” Cuadrado added.

When asked about his principal professional attributes in the interview, Cuadrado responded by highlighting his “speed, dribbling and technique”.

The full interview can be found on InterNews24.

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