Inter’s Carlos Augusto: Neymar was my inspiration when I was young

Inter Milan player, Carlos Augusto, has shared some tales and curiosities from his past in an interview with Inter TV.

Nicknamed the Emperor, the Brazilian footballer said, “I like the nickname a lot, feel free to call me that”. He revealed that it was the stadium announcer who first christened him as such, and the fans swiftly followed suit.

When asked about his footballing inspiration, Augusto revealed that Neymar was the one who particularly struck a chord with him. “When I was in the Under 15s, Neymar was playing in Brazil, he’s extraordinary and inspired me”, said the Inter Milan player.

Reflecting on the most challenging times in his career, Augusto had a poignant story to tell. “I’ve been lucky to have avoided injuries, but I’ve had difficult moments since moving to Italy. There was the Covid situation, I didn’t speak or understand Italian. I was alone, but that year made me grow. My family couldn’t travel here, but they always called. I got Covid twice, and it made me grow as a person in that period”, he shared his experiences of the past year.

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