Inter’s Carlos Augusto: I am comfortable in defence, I am ready

Ahead of the clash against Udinese, Carlos Augusto, Inter Milan’s wing-back, has spoken with official club channels.

Augusto expressed readiness regardless of his position in the defensive line. He stated, “Whether in defence or any other role, I must be prepared to assist the team. If the team needs me, I should be able to perform well.”

Placing significant importance on the supporters, he further added, “The fans are the most important element for us in the league which still has a long way to go. When the fans stand together with us, their support is immense. Therefore, we must deliver an outstanding game also for them.”

The source of these quotes is an official pre-match interview with the player by Inter Milan. The match against Udinese is an essential clash, and Inter is looking forward to deliver a great game for their supporters.

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