Inter’s Bergomi: I supported Milan as a kid, so what?

In a recent revelation, football stalwart Beppe Bergomi, the revered flag-bearer for Inter Milan, has stated that in his youth, he was an ardent fan of the Rossoneri, or AC Milan as they are more commonly known. This intriguing disclosure came about during an interview with SportWeek.

Referencing old family photographs, he said, “That’s my cousin Giorgio, holding the Milan flag, and the other one is me, I was blonde with curly hair. Yes, I was a Milanista: so what? I’ve never had an issue admitting this. My dad was a Milanista, eighty percent of the seven-year-olds in my neighbourhood supported Milan.”

Turning our attention to Inter, the current club only hosts about ten Italian players. Dimarco, for instance, has been an Interista since birth but what about the others? Bergomi recalls how his dedication to football remained unscathed even when he faced a setback with Milan due to rheumatism in his blood. He stated, “If it had been a disease, I would have been unwell when Milan turned me down because I had rheumatism in my blood. Drama? None: I had no pain and above all I could continue to play football, with my friends and for Settalesi. Then Pino Bussi, an observer from Treviglio, noticed me and referred me to Inter. Juventus, Milan and especially Fanfulla also showed interest but after a trial at Rogoredo, my career began. Upon my return home, I told my mother, ‘I’m going to Inter’.”

So although Beppe Bergomi’s footballing journey began on an unexpected note, it eventually took him to where he belonged, at Inter, where he built a nearly unimpeachable legacy. More insights and news on Inter Milan can be found on

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