Inter’s Barella names Arnautovic among best he’s ever played with

Inter Milan’s midfielder, Nicolò Barella, has spoken out following their win against Lecce.

Barella praised teammate Marko Arnautovic in an interview with Sky Sport, following Inter’s victory. “Not scoring touches everyone, including us midfielders, but for an attacker, it is even more pronounced,” Barella said. “We need everyone at the moment and Marko has always been ready when we needed him. He deserves compliments for the pass he gave me and for all he contributed to this match. He’s one of the strongest players I’ve ever played with.”

The Inter player was then asked about the team’s current standing in the league. He pointed to the challenges posed by the tournament and expressed the team’s determination to keep their competitors at bay. “We keep our pace and try our best to keep the chasing teams at a distance. We know it’s a tough tournament but we’re eager to do well and bring joy to our fans. We’ll try to maintain this until the end of the season,” commented Barella.

When questioned about the turning point in the league compared to last season, Barella reflected on their loss to Manchester City. “It’s said that you learn more from losses than victories. The match against City was tough to remember, but it taught us a lot. There were many changes in players, but those who arrived were fully committed and brought new energy. We will strive to do our best,” he stated.

Barella’s form appears to be improving after the national break, which he credits to his teammates’ support. “There was a period where I was influenced by certain things that I perhaps need to put aside. This influence can affect performance on the field, despite your belief in doing well. I’ve managed to clear my head thanks to my teammates, both at the national level and at Inter. I’ve regained my form and rediscovered who I truly am,” Barella admitted.

Speaking about the second star, Barella said, “I aim to win. I was fortunate to join this club years ago and we started a winning cycle. I’m used to this and I would like to continue this way.”

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