Inter’s Ausilio reportedly annoyed for two main reasons

Inter’s head of transfers, Piero Ausilio, is reportedly unhappy due to two primary reasons.

According to Corriere dello Sport, Ausilio’s mood has plummeted significantly over recent days.

The Inter executive was displeased with two particular events that took place recently.

Both incidents involve Giuseppe Riso.

Ausilio felt that the sports agent’s actions were overbearing.

“Piero Ausilio did not appreciate the methods employed by Giuseppe Riso,” reported the Corriere dello Sport.

Sources close to the situation say Ausilio perceived Riso’s behaviour as a breach of acceptable conduct in player negotiations.

The situation has caused notable tension within Inter’s transfer operations, with Ausilio expressing clear dissatisfaction.

It remains to be seen how this discord will affect Inter’s transfer dealings moving forward.

Monitoring how Ausilio and Riso navigate this rift could be crucial in upcoming transfer windows.

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