Inter’s Ausilio: Claiming to fight for fourth place would not be honest

Piero Ausilio, the sporting director of Inter, spoke on the sidelines of the IXth edition of the Fortunato De Agazio Sporting Award event. He highlighted Inter’s aspirations and called out some of the club’s rivals.

Ausilio confidently said, “We know we are strong but we want to be humble.” He stressed that the club is not aiming to just make up the numbers, adding, “If we were to say that we play to get to the fourth place, we would not be honest, Inter has the quality to try and win.”

He then subtly called out Inter’s rivals, Juventus, Milan, and Napoli. Ausilio pointed out that they too share similar ambitions as Inter, but they are not as forthright about it. “Others have our same goal but they hide a bit,” he said. “Juve, Milan, and Napoli did not start with the goal of entering the top four.”

These comments were made by Ausilio at the Fortunato De Agazio Sporting Award event. Clearly, the sporting director of Inter is confident about his team’s potential, and at the same time, drawing attention to the fact that some of the top clubs in Serie A are discreet about their ambitions.

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