Inter’s Acerbi replies to Dimarco: There’s no need to apologize… It wasn’t for him

Francesco Acerbi, the centre-back for Inter Milan, has responded to criticism over his celebration directed towards the player Henry, following a comment made by Dimarco.

Acerbi responded to Dimarco’s criticism, stressing that his actions weren’t deliberately aimed at Henry. As per his comments, “You don’t have to justify yourself … it certainly wasn’t against him … it was an outburst for us due to the tension of the moment … it may appear that way from the images but it’s not! If one should misbehave towards opponents, it’s right to apologise! Keep your head up, always.”

Though Acerbi’s comments seemed to have been borne out of the heat of the moment, they have not been without consequence, prompting a broader discussion on the appropriateness of certain forms of game celebrations.

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