Inter’s Acerbi: Real Sociedad played well, but we could have done more

Francesco Acerbi, the Inter Milan defender has shared his thoughts with Sky Sports following his team’s match against Real Sociedad.

Acerbi acknowledged Real Sociedad’s solid performance. According to him, “Real Sociedad played a great game”. He also added that he felt Inter Milan could have done something more.

However, Acerbi also noted that it was a significant factor the game ended in a 0-0 draw against a quality team like Real Sociedad. When a home team doesn’t win, he believes it’s usually because they could have done better.

Despite this, Acerbi remains confident. Looking at the current league standings and the tough teams Inter will be facing next, he stated that he believes these teams are also slightly cautious when facing Inter Milan.

While acknowledging the challenging road ahead, Acerbi explicitly said that they aren’t yet thinking about the round of 16. He suggested that they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Moreover, he made a point to emphasize the idea that all the upcoming teams are top-notch and one doesn’t overshadow the other. This statement was directed at the future draw for the matches.

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