Inter-Verona: upcoming audio leak between referee and Var revealed – the details

At an event today in Coverciano, attendees, including top football officiants and members of the press, were privy to the exchange between the referee and the VAR during the Inter-Hellas Verona match.

The VAR Nasca caught on audio restlessly urging for action on the field. The translation of the recorded Italian gives an insight into the pressured atmosphere of high-stake football matches: “Someone’s on the ground. No, wait. Blow the whistle, just blow the dang whistle! Goodness, hey! I want to see what happened. Everything starts here, perhaps we’ll see the player who falls, I’ll leave this camera.”

In response to the Verona team’s protests, the referee Fabbri defended his position on the field with determination. In a direct translated response: “Send them away! I’ve said that he got up, looked at me, and then went back down. He gets up, looks at me, then goes back down, this is cunning!”

In another notable segment, Nasca then requests to review the situation again, ensuring there were no infractions and confirming the legality of the disputed goal. He said assertively, “Let me have a look at everything again. Flags, anything? No, no flags (for possible offside, ed.). Go, go, go, go. Now let me see again. Everything seems in order here. Let me see the shot. Good, go on, go quickly. Rule-abiding. Let me see once more. Michael, this is Gigi: the goal is valid, the goal is valid.”

Both the press and fans will be eager to see the outcome of today’s dialogue between officials. The crux of conversations like this often lies in the aftermath- laying the groundwork for future matches and setting the pace for proceeding games.

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