Inter said to be ready to swap Dumfries with identified replacement

The management is focusing on Inter’s transfer market, with Dumfries’ future taking centre stage.

The future of Dumfries in the Inter transfer market is a hot topic.

While the club evaluates the Dutchman’s prospects for the upcoming season, the Nerazzurri are considering an intriguing replacement profile.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, one official stated, “We are thoroughly assessing all possible outcomes for Dumfries, including identifying a suitable successor.”

The source mentioned that Inter is exploring several potential candidates to step into Dumfries’ shoes, reflecting their commitment to maintaining strong squad depth.

This strategic approach underscores Inter’s proactive stance in the transfer market, ensuring they remain well-prepared for any eventuality regarding Dumfries’ future.

As always, the club’s objective is to sustain its competitive edge, and these transfer decisions are critical to achieving that goal.

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