Inter, Roma, Fiorentina: What it means for Italy to have 3 teams in the finals

The Italian football scene has been making waves as Inter Milan, Roma and Fiorentina find themselves the finalists in the European competitions. This marks a point of national pride and harkens back to the last time three Italian teams managed this kind of success back in 1994.

That year, Parma in the Cup Winners’ Cup fell short of achieving the triumph managed by AC Milan in the Champions League and Inter Milan in the UEFA Cup (now known as the Europa League). To find an instance where all participating Italian teams were victorious, one would have to look back to 1990, a notable year for Italian football.

However, the narrative today is not as straightforward as it was then. The leading teams from the past have been experiencing a different kind of fate. Milan has been bruised by European derbies, having lost four in the year 2023 itself. Sampdoria has been relegated to Serie B, with whispers of a grim future due to changes in the club’s management. Similarly, the future of Juventus appears to be up in the air with the impact of new sanctions set to be examined this upcoming Monday.

In the same vein, winning and losing a final come with varying significances. If Italian football were to raise three cups, it would undeniably boost the popularity of the local league internationally. If Inter were to prevail, it would mark an astonishing exploit, hinting at the start of a new era post the 2010 victory. A win for Roma would also resonate strongly, demonstrating Mourinho’s impeccable ability to meet targets, likely for a second time. If Fiorentina were to defeat West Ham, it would champion both Italian football and their manager, Italiano, stressing the positive aspects of the Conference created to promote our mid-high our teams.

Indeed, for different reasons, this century-old sporting culture is looking forward to these finals with growing anticipation.

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