Inter president Zhang skips Christmas dinner: the backstory behind this decision

In a surprising turn of events, Inter Milan’s president, Zhang, did not make an appearance at the club’s Christmas dinner. This marks a continued absence since he last saw the team up-close during their tour in Japan in August, as reported by Italian sports newspaper Tuttosport.

It remains unclear why Zhang has been notably absent, but this was not his first no-show. His absence has been felt during significant moments for the club — not showing up for the renewal of Inzaghi, the derby with Milan, the shareholders’ meeting, and now, even the club’s Christmas gathering.

Just a year ago, Zhang was a key participant in these events, famously taking part in karaoke at the previous Christmas celebration. This year, a video message was all that marked his presence.

Tuttosport suggests that Zhang’s behavior might be influenced by the current economic situation of the club. The financial deadlines with Oaktree and the need to find solutions could potentially explain the President’s recent string of absences. However, no official statement has been made by Zhang or the club regarding his frequent no-shows.

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