Inter poised for major sale of Valentin Carboni, plans to be revealed in summer

Inter Milan are considering the possible transfer of Valentin Carboni as the summer transfer window approaches.

Inter’s management and scouts are closely monitoring Carboni’s development. He is being considered for a call-up to the Copa America with Argentina.

According to Tyc Sports, Carboni is competing with Angel Correa for a spot in the squad.

A source within Inter stated, “The club is very impressed with the trajectory of Valentin’s progress and how he is evolving as a player.”

Insiders suggest that the decision on whether to transfer Carboni will be influenced by his potential international appearances.

The final decision will be made after thorough consultations with the coaching staff and further assessment of the team’s needs.

For fans, the imminent transfer speculation around Carboni adds to the excitement and tension as Inter Milan prepare for the next season.

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