Inter nearing 100 points: Will Juve hold firm or falter?

It seems that Inter Milan, under the leadership of Simone Inzaghi, is pushing to reach the 100-point mark, with a 4-point margin between themselves and rivals Juventus. Inter Milan’s status was bolstered last year by progressing to the Champions League Final. The question is, will Juventus be able to keep up?

Corriere della Sera’s Daniele Dellera maintains that Juventus is a dangerous rival, but they lack the pace, rhythm and class of Inter Milan. He also suggests that Juventus, currently trailing Inter Milan, might risk repeating the fate of last season, when Napoli quickly faded from contention, saying: “With the performance as it is now, one might end up like last season when Napoli dissolved rapidly. But this year, this will not happen with Juventus and Allegri.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport’s journalist Andrea Di Caro hailed Inter Milan’s unbeatable pace, especially after their 2-0 win against Lazio. He said, “It does what great teams do: controls the moments of the game, almost never experiences strain, knows how to contain and then strike. The team capitalises on every error by others and is lethal in counterattacks… It has scored 39 goals and conceded only 7: +4 against Juve, +8 compared to last year. They are poised to finish the first part of the season with 50 points (like Napoli last year) and by the end, reach 100… No competitor is currently at its level.”

La Stampa’s Giovanni De Luna, a long-time Juventus fan, expresses some concern. He urges Juventus fans to look at the “glass half full,” and be satisfied with a draw that will hold significant value for the future prospects of the team for the fourth place. However, he doesn’t mention Juventus’ chances of winning the title, implying it is currently beyond their reach.

With Inter’s continued progress, the rest of the football world watches in anticipation of whether Juventus will be able to keep up or if Inter will indeed achieve their 100-point target. It still remains to be seen.

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