Inter Milan Transfer News: Lautaro Martinez’s Agent Discusses His Future Amidst Exit Rumours

Alejandro Camano, the agent for Inter Milan’s captain, Lautaro Martinez, recently gave an extensive interview to Spanish newspaper AS, discussing the striker’s future and the upcoming clash between Inter and Atletico Madrid.

In regard to Martinez’s playing skills, Camano proudly stated, “Lautaro is already one of the top 3 in the world, what he’s doing is a consequence of his evolution”. He went on to praise the striker’s contribution to the overall game, highlighting his ability to construct plays and provide both assists and stability within the team setup.

He also talked about Inter Milan’s recent improvements, crediting the arrival of manager Inzaghi as a significant factor. “The nerazzurri, with the arrival of Inzaghi, have greatly improved their game. Lautaro has grown alongside the cracks in the team and also in the national squad. The great thing is that he’s 26, he hasn’t yet reached full maturity”.

When it comes to Martinez’s happiness at Inter Milan, Camano had only positive things to say. “He’s happy. He tells me he feels good. Inter is a team you happily go and watch at the stadium or on TV. They have a defined, modern gameplay, with a clear identity and a complete roster. Inzaghi has done a great job, deserving the praise these past few months”.

In reference to Inter Milan’s last game, he said, “They played an impressive finale, they could have won. This is a matter of pride, but I don’t think the players were surprised: in the club, they know that every tournament they play is to win it”.

Speaking about the upcoming match against Atletico Madrid, Camano described it as “a match between two European forces and two great trainers, both football clubs have evolved in the last two years: both combine intensity, grit and offensive play, with similar principles. Simeone is one of the best in the world for transmitting values, beyond tactics”.

On the topic of Martinez’s future, especially in regard to Atletico Madrid, he reassured that Martinez’s focus remains solely on Inter Milan. “I was not involved in that situation, but today I can say that in his mind there is only Inter. He has another two years of contract, he’s involved, he’s the captain … He doesn’t think about what happened or what might happen. He’s never spoken to me about these things and for me, it’s a pride to represent a person with these values”.

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