Inter Milan, Curva Nord in defiance: Claims plots are driven by envy

Inter Milan’s Curva Nord supporters have issued an official statement in response to recent controversies following the match against Verona regarding VAR, opinions, and numerous criticisms.

In their statement, they expressed, “In a historical moment where our team is certainly more committed to pursuing sporting results in line with stringent financial fair play, unlike others who seem to operate regardless of convictions and expulsion from European competitions, we feel the need to stand by our colours.”

The supporters highlighted that they see Inter being portrayed as the “absolute evil” based on nothing. They followed this by saying, “We find ourselves under attack once again from individuals who, due to envy, disliking or media opportunism, are portraying Inter as the ultimate evil”.

Without pointing any remarks to specific individuals or groups, the Curva Nord stressed that the team’s position was earned by the strength of their defence and attack, rather than any controversial decisions on the field. The supporters believe that any such incidents should be viewed in isolation until proven to result from real influences.

Moreover, they urged the “moralists” who seek to discredit Inter Milan, the only top-tier team consistently operating within the rules, to remember that even these critics’ favoured teams have been involved in past controversies.

They pointed out that, to date, Inter Milan is the only team to have had dubious in-game audio records mysteriously disappear, a controversy that had significant impacts on the rankings in that season. The Curva Nord ended by urging the media and moralists to equally highlight countless incidents that have often influenced their seasons in favour of other teams, but noted the realistic challenge of this request, citing the need for endless broadcast hours to cover all the incidents.

Ultimately, they expressed solidarity with the team and the management who always strive for the benefit of Inter Milan while respecting the rules, and discouraged any disregard of these regulations.

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