Inter, Marotta: Controversies? We remain the winter champions

Inter Milan’s CEO, Beppe Marotta, has spoken out about the club’s Serie A winter season title during a conversation with broadcaster GR1 Sport.

Mr Marotta spoke on the importance of the team’s current momentum, which he attributes to a strong work ethic, a sense of belonging, the support of fantastic fans and a substantial backing from the club. One of his statements translated from Italian was, “these are all components that help win and we will try to fully exploit them.”

He further acknowledged the pressures that come with being at the top, likening their current position to a ‘fox’ and every other team being the ‘hunter’ trying to knock them down. Marotta emphasised that as the ‘fox’, they need to skilfully dodge the ‘bullets’ from the rest.

While Inter’s winter championship is a notable achievement, Marotta stressed its limitations, stating that it doesn’t guarantee a final scudetto win. He said, “Being winter champions is like a Pyrrhic victory, it doesn’t tell us that we will win the final scudetto.”

Marotta also touched upon the controversies surrounding the team. He commented, “I have been in football for a lifetime and these types of behaviours have always existed.” He added the assurance that maturity, consciousness and competence will guide the team in managing such issues in the best possible way.

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