Inter, Lautaro set for renewal: the sum that shatters the wage bill. Toro compared to Zanetti

Inter Milan is prepared to further reward their Argentinian striker Lautaro Martinez by augmenting his current wages to match the technical prowess he’s exhibited on the field. For months, Inter’s management has been unbudging with this plan, which became evident last summer when Camano, the player’s agent, explored the possibilities of a contract re-negotiation.

Inter top brass Marotta and Ausilio have made it clear that they’re prepared to make a financial sacrifice for ‘The Bull’ Martinez. It’s a potentially considerable investment considering accommodating the player’s demands would mean a considerable restructuring of the club’s current wage bill as imposed by club ownership.

However, it is a commitment Martinez recognises and respects. As the initial negotiations are now concluded, it’s time to delve deeper into the intimate details of the agreement, a process that’s already underway.

The task now is to formally present the offer. Executives at Viale della Liberazione, Inter’s hallowed headquarters, already have a clear idea of the ‘end of the line’ – the turning point where the proverbial white smoke will emanate, marking the successful conclusion of the negotiations.

Currently, Martinez boasts a sizeable wage of €6.5 million with an additional bonus of €1 million. The new remuneration is expected to entail around €10 million per season, including bonuses – a hefty expenditure the club is not ready to evade given the player’s critical importance.

Indeed, much like Zanetti was in his time, Martinez is becoming a beacon for Inter Milan: a leader, an embodiment of the club’s ethos, and a guiding figure for new arrivals. Any player who needs assistance at Appiano Gentile, Inter’s training facility, can count on him.

This explains why Inter wants to keep him close at hand and why the comparison with Zanetti isn’t unfounded. Much like the ‘tractor’ Zanetti, who dedicated his career to Inter, Martinez too could continue his services at Milan, extending his contract and aiming to stay with the club for a decade.

This is history repeating itself, with yet another Argentinian displaying his deep affinity for Inter colors, embodying the values Marotta has asked for from day one: attachment to the cause and a sense of belonging.

Indeed, Martinez is a man of Inter and Inter is ready to reward this loyalty. It’s too early to talk about timelines currently, but it could be as late as spring 2023 for the contract renewal to be finalized.

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