Inter, Inzaghi: Squad rotation decisions were made, we tried until the end

Simone Inzaghi, Inter’s head coach, has shared his reactions following the Nerazzurri’s tie, which proved to be a clincher in securing a spot in the Champions League’s last 16 round. Inzaghi made his comments while speaking to Sportmediaset post-match.

In relation to the game itself, Inzaghi said that the team had “two opportunities and another shot in the final which we are very happy about,” and he was also satisfied that “we knew we had to suffer and we gave nothing away, unlike the first leg.” He mentioned how Inter was able to take advantage of some opportunities and “covered the field well,” while also commending the play of Real Sociedad.

Discussing potential concerns about the Champions League draw, Inzaghi emphasized that it was expected to be a challenging task, however, he absolved any long faces as he highlighted that their team “tried until the 95th minute.”

The Inter head coach also quelled doubts about their few goal-scoring opportunities saying that the clearest chances were indeed those of Inter.

Addressing his decision to bring on Sanchez for Lautaro, Inzaghi expressed that these are “choices that are made, we are in December and we have to get to June. Lautaro and Barella have played a lot. They are players who came in tonight and gave us a hand.”

Inzaghi’s comments highlight the journey of the team and the strategical decisions that have resulted in their successful qualification in the Champions League. He also reaffirmed the team’s intent to put in maximum effort until the finale, thereby underlining the character of his side.

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